Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm Reading Today

Summer cooking at its best-enjoy!

Straciatella is a Roman style egg drop soup.  Usually made by beating eggs and adding them to hot chicken broth, it is both light and satisfying at the same time.  In today's New York Times I found this recipe for Tomato Straciatella.  I adore tomato soup and combining it with this Roman staple makes it even more appealing.  This dish is perfect for those of us who often look in the pantry at 6pm and wonder what we can throw together for dinner.  Well, pull out those canned tomatoes and chicken broth, your hunk of Parm, and whatever herbs are hanging around and this lovely soup comes together in about a half hour.  This is last minute cooking at its finest!

When it comes to the BBQ I usually go simple and easy.  That said, I saw this recipe on the LA Times food page today and couldn't resist it:  Stuffed Pork Chops with Roasted Cherry BBQ Sauce.  Totally indulgent and definitely a bit time consuming, you should make the BBQ sauce a day in advance and stuff your pork chops several hours before grilling.  The stuffing is a combination of bacon, goat cheese, fennel, and almonds...the entire combination sounds absolutely incredible.

If you haven't yet read Life on the Line by Grant Achatz, it is a book you should go out and buy right now.  I just finished it and found it incredibly inspiring.  Grant, of Alinea fame in Chicago, was raised in a restaurant family.  His dad has long owned the Achatz Riverview Restaurant in St. Clair, Michigan and in today's Chicago Tribune they pay him his own respects.  Grant Achatz Sr. bakes a rotation of 32 different pies at his restaurant and his experience has given him the right to stand on his own soap box.  Check out the article for his tips and recipes for Coconut Cream and Mixed Berry Pie.  Both look diner-worth delicious.

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