Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I'm Reading Today

I'm feeling a brunch coming on...

Who wouldn't want to wake up to Morning Oatmeal with Cherries and Pistachios?  In today's NY Times, Martha Rose Shulman explores some new ways to use the peak of the season cherries you are seeing right now in the market.  Here she suggests finding quick cooking steel cut oats but I've started substituting quinoa in my morning cereal bowl and really love it.  While Martha opts to make her oatmeal in the microwave, I don't have one and find it just as simple to do it old school, that is on the stove.  If you're using quinoa instead, just rinse it well and put it in a small pot with 2x the amount of water to quinoa (you can throw in a small pat of butter if you like too).  Bring it to a boil then let it simmer until the quinoa is tender w/just a bit of a bite,  10 minutes should do it.  Fresh cherries, crunchy pistachios, and a little brown that sounds like a perfect breakfast.

Since we're on the subject of breakfasts, after all those whole grain mornings you'll undoubtedly need to indulge.  I think these Orange Breakfast Scones from Sweetie Pie's in Napa Valley should do the trick.  The LA Times managed to get the recipe at a reader's request and I can tell these will be flaky and tender (to me the sign of a great scone).  When you see both AP flour and cake flour you know you're working with a tender dough.  Remember, anytime you mix a dough like this (biscuits, scones, muffins, etc.), be gentle!  This is not bread dough.  It needs a loving hand to combine the ingredients just enough to bring them together.  Tough kneading or mixing will result in rocks, not scones, and who needs that?

While we're "indulging" in breakfast, how does a Butterscotch Peach Split sound?  OK, so maybe it's not the healthiest of options but there is fruit, and I suppose yogurt could stand in for ice cream too.  The SF Chronicle published this recipe from  "The Fearless Baker" by Emily Luchetti and Lisa Weis, a book I own and highly recommend.  This is the perfect summer sweet treat, and I love the crunch from the macadamia nuts.  Lately I've been a big fan of Three Twins vanilla ice cream so when you're out looking for a pint to use here, try to find it.  It's pure vanilla taste is the next best thing to homemade.
Happy Reading and Happy Cooking!

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