Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I'm Reading Today

Last night ended a six week series I teach called Basics Three.  It's the culmination of many weeks of technique classes and one of my favorite to teach because it's full of students I've known for a long time.  This group really impressed me with their massive improvement in the kitchen.   "S", who came in with little confidence behind the stove,  rocked out pate au choux that was stunning.  "M" showed us that he could julienne carrots like a real pro. "K' and "C" fired so many homemade pizzas last night I think they have fall back careers should they ever need them.  It showed me why I love to teach so very much.  When people learn simple skills, and get to practice in a place with just enough hand holding, they're encouraged to do it more often.  It's motivating, educational, and a whole lot of fun.  Spring Basics Three-stay in touch, I'll miss you guys.

Gordon made some mean fried chicken in class last night (this version, which I love) but lately I've been dying to try real Korean fried chicken. I know SF probably has a few good spots (suggestions?) but, from what I hear,  LA or NY are the better choices. In today's LA Times

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