Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I'm Reading Today

This photo immediately caught my eye in today's Cinco de Mayo recipe slideshow over at the LA Times.  It is a Tuna Tostada that looks almost identical to the one I love at Tacolicious (in fact, think it is actually the same recipe, from Contramar restaurant in Mexico City, that inspired their version).  These are a perfect appetizer or have two or three and call it dinner.  Crisp tortilla rounds are slathered with chipotle mayo and topped with a generous amount of tuna tartar, leeks,  and avocado.  This version uses wilted leeks but Tacolicious fries their until crispy which I love because the texture contrast is perfection.  Either way, find yourself a piece of sushi grade tuna and this dish will treat you right. 

Homemade cookies are a no-brainer.  Homemade crackers?  Not so much.  But, why not?  They're no more difficult than throwing together a batch of cookies, probably easier as a matter of fact.  If you find yourself adding a bag of Goldfish crackers to your shopping cart every week, take a break and make your own.  These Cheddar Cheese Crackers, from today's NY Times, are absolutely better for you and, with dough that comes together in the food processor, pretty darn easy too. 

I'm a sucker for Indian flavors like chile, ginger, and curry.  I also happen to call crab my favorite food on the planet.  Put them together, in these Curried Crab Cakes from the Chicago Tribune and I'm a happy camper.  To me, a good crab cake needs to be all about the crab without tons of other chopped veggies entering the mix (bell peppers?  ick!).  This recipe lets the crab be the star but uses lots of bold flavors to change it up.  I'm sold!  I think I'll make them small and serve them as appetizers at my next dinner party topped with a bit of yogurt or chutney.

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