Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I'm Reading Today

Happy's what I'm loving in the food sections today.

Last night was the final class in my six-week Basics One series.  We went around the table talking about our dream meals, the last one we'd have if we could eat anything at all.  Tim, near the end. said he'd have a rack of amazing BBQ ribs-of course this caused a handful of other people to quickly change their minds and switch to ribs too.  There's just something about sweet, smoky, succulent pork ribs...mmm.  In today's NY Times I saw this recipe for Sweet-Sour Balsamic Glazed Ribs, adapted from the carnivorous Animal restaurant in Los Angeles.  One step not to be missed is removing the membrane from the back of the rack.  If you forget to do this (or ask your butcher to do it for you), each rib will have a sticky skin that is all together unpleasant at the table (take it from one who knows).  These ribs are cooked in the oven, first at a low heat then very high to crisp them up.  You could also finish them on the grill for an extra smoky flavor but Jon and Vinny, the dudes at Animal, swear by the all-oven method. 

Butterscotch Brownies?  Oh my.   In today's LA Times they reveal the recipe for Clementine Bakery's version of the Blondie.  Made with lots of brown sugar, a touch of salt, toasted walnuts, and no chocolate, this sweet bar would make an ideal afternoon snack or lunch box surprise.  I think I'd substitute pecans for the walnuts-to me they are just a better match for that butterscotch flavor, almost maple-like on their own.  

Sugar cookies aren't just for decorating at the holidays.  Even though that's when most of us generally pullout the recipe, why not eat them today?  This recipe, in today's Washington Post and drawn from the new cookbook Bite Me, by Toronto sisters Julie Albert and Lisa Gnat, is glazed simply with powdered sugar and lemon juice.  Rather than topping them with sugary icing, like we do at the holidays, I love the idea of the soft cookies being glazed with lemon (I'd use Meyer lemon, but that's just me).  I've always found that sugar cookies keep well in a tin too so make a batch and they'll last you a while. Yeah, right-let's see how long they'll last.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking!

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