Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I'm Reading Today

Healthy chicken and homemade Pop's a good day in the world of food writing!  Enjoy.

Melissa Clark does it again with her Sake Steamed Chicken with Ginger and Scallions in today's NY Times.  Succulent from a long steam bath, this chicken cooks entirely unattended, the sauce takes about two minutes to mix up, and I can already imagine the fragrance that hits the plate when this bird comes to dinner.  While the base recipe calls for simply serving the chicken "as is", I love her variation that shreds the chicken, tosses it with Napa cabbage, and adds a ginger soy dressing (maybe some crispy wonton strips too?).  Dinner, tonight.

Look closely.  Those aren't cardboard-like store bought Pop Tarts.  These are homemade pop tarts courtesy of the LA Times.  Hello!  Flaky pie dough filled with any filling your heart desires and, yes, popped in the toaster for that perfect finish.  Here is the crust recipe, plus a few variations to get you going:  frangipane, Nutella, fruit preserves, or chocolate ganache.  And, if you're going for it, they've even created a step by step slide show to walk you through your pop tart construction...who knew?

Comforting soup is one of my favorite all time foods to both make and eat.  I teach a lot of soup classes and always tell my students that homemade soup is a perfect way to motivate yourself to get into the kitchen.  The recipes are flexible (no leeks?  use onion.  no stock? use water), healthful, and lend themselves perfectly to being made in advance.  This Lamb, Leek, and Potato Soup from the Washington Post is a well balanced one pot meal-lamb, barley, and parsnips along with other savory veggies simmer together for a bit over an hour to create an almost stew-like dish.  Crusty bread and you're all set.  

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking!

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tori said...

Dying to make a savory version like the guys from Tell Tale do at Big Daddy's Antiques.

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