Monday, February 21, 2011

Old Friends and Cookies

Before I began my career in the culinary world, I spent many years at a desk doing a "real" job.  I have watched lots of ex co-workers climb their respective corporate ladders and seen a few of them do what I did, leave the office behind to follow a dream.

One of those people is Michael Pinckney of Pinckney Cookie Cafe.  Micheal worked his tail off in the corporate world for many years when he realized his signature chocolate chip cookie might just be more interesting to him.  He made the leap and started his cookie business, selling cookies online and in many Whole Foods (if you happen to be in the Seattle area).  We chatted last week and he told me about the business.  He's expanding it to carts, selling cookies along with milk, coffee, and cocoa on the streets of Seattle and beyond (more on that here).   He asked if he could send me some cookies and, if I was a fan, would I write about them.  I admitted I don't usually do this but, he's a friend and I do love a good cookie so here we are.
Here's what I love most about these cookies-they taste homemade.  They are rich, chewy, and not too sweet.  The softness of the cookie flirts with the texture of cookie dough (and, admit it, isn't eating the dough the best part anyways?).  I think they'd be unreal after a minute in a toaster oven. Right out of the package, they taste and feel very fresh, even with no preservatives in the ingredients at all.  And speaking of ingredients, nothing you wont recognize here-same stuff you use to bake cookies at home.  There is the Classic Chocolate Chip but the Coco, Bling Bing, and Pinckney Original introduce things like chocolate infused dough, orange zest, and coconut to the party.  These are no ordinary cookies.

These are store bought cookies you could unwrap, put on a platter, and pass off as your own any day (I promise I wont tell).   If you live in the Seattle area, check your local Whole Foods but if you're not in the area, you can buy some here.   I think you'll love 'em as much as I do. 

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Bill Casey said...

In our strategy consulting business, we need on occasion to say "thank you" to our clients -- in a way that delights, but isn't heavy-handed. Pinckney's "Cookie Cafe" cookies have been the ticket. Nobody doesn't like . . . oh, wait, that slogan is taken. Anyway, they are always, always a hit.

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