Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What I'm Reading Today

I spent the morning talking Eggs with Betsy Karetnick of Everyday Food on Martha Stewart Radio.  She's fantastic and if you have satellite radio, take the time to tune into her show.  It's full of great, practical tips you'll use all the time in your kitchen.  Dial it up and check it out.  In the meantime, here's what I'm reading today.

In Sunday's NY Times Pete Wells wrote about the ubiquitous chicken nugget and how fascinated our kids are with the crispy mystery meat.  While taking a stance not to serve them at home, he set about trying to find an alternative his boys would love.  I'm totally sold on his pick, Brooklyn Bowl Fried Chicken.  The recipe skips all those extra steps of brining, buttermilk soaking, marinating, etc. and simply takes bone-on chicken pieces and dips them in egg whites then a mix of matzoh meal and flour.  Fried in veg oil then coated with a simple spice mixture, he drizzles it with honey and, come on, who could resist that?  It's my next fried chicken project and my son better love it as much as his did because I've got a feeling it'll become a regular around here.

More chicken?  Well, I couldn't resist this Cuban version from El Colmao in Los Angeles, via the LA Times.  Pollo al Comao is chicken that's baked slowly then braised on the stove top with a chile spiked tomato sauce.  Finished with briny olives, and served with black beans and rice, it's hearty cold weather food at its finest.  Just look at it--Yum.

You know I love pureed vegetable soups and cauliflower might be my fave.  This very simple vegetarian Cauliflower Pesto Soup from The Washington Post is topped with a deconstructed pesto (read: basil and toasted pine nuts) but that easy garnish is what makes it special.  The crunch of the nuts and the freshness of the basil will be perfection with the silky soup.  Pair it with a crunchy salad (I'm loving this escarole salad from the February Bon Appetit) and you've got dinner.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking!

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