Saturday, January 15, 2011

Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls

In the January issue of Food & Wine, their amazing recipe czar Grace Parisi wrote about using frozen fruit in the winter.  I loved it because apple and pears start to wear on me pretty quickly, and I always keep my freezer stocked with IQF berries.  IQF means individually quick frozen which means they were frozen individually before being packaged, preventing a giant ice block of berries and keeping each one nice and distinct from the rest. 

The recipe that grabbed me were these Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls.  Being a total sucker for an amazing cinnamon roll, I knew I'd have to try them.  Think cinnamon roll dough stuffed with juicy berries instead of gooey sugar.  The dough was perfection-brioche like with eggs and butter and super easy to work with every step of the way.  The filling is simply berries, sugar, and a bit of cornstarch.  I rolled and cut mine, put them in the fridge over night, and let them rise again on the counter this morning.  After baking and frosting them I have to tell you, WOW!  The dough it light and not too sweet and the filling is all about the berries.  I think the best part is the juice from the berries that sunk to the bottom of the pan.  It soaks into the buns so that each bite you take is bursting with sweet raspberry juiciness...heavenly. 

Instead of inverting the finished rolls, I cut them apart and put them on a sil-pat lined baking sheet (I didn't want that gooey raspberry bottom sticking to anything).  I frosted them with the glaze and we'll see how long they last.  While the last thing we need around here is a big batch of sweet rolls, I've got a feeling these might vanish before I can give them away.

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