Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I'm Reading Today

It's countdown time...9 days from now you'll be cooking and/or eating what many of us consider the best meal of the year.  Make it even better by trying a few new things this time.  I know-changing up the Thanksgiving menu can lead to anarchy in a family but pick a dish or two, throw it subtly into the mix, and see who really misses those soupy green beans with cream of mushroom soup.

Starting with appetizers, how do you not use crab?  In the Bay Area the season officially opened this week so what better way to kick off your meal!  These Dungeness Crab Spring Rolls with Endive and Almonds from The LA Times are made very simply with rice paper wrappers.  The slight bitterness of the endive and the crunch of just a few almonds will balance that sweet richness from the Dungeness crab.  What makes this a perfect pick is that it is light, fresh, and not too filing.  No one wants to sit down to dinner with a belly that's already full.

In yesterday's NY Times Julia Moskin declared San Francisco and New York the "national centers of pie innovation".  With places like Chile Pies, and Ice Cream in SF and Hill Country Kitchen in NY, pies might just be pushing cupcakes out of the spotlight.  Since pies are a must for your Thanksgiving table, what about trying this one from Diner in Brooklyn: Rye Pecan Pie-love those meticulous circles of pecans on top...that tell you a little something about how I bake? Great step by step pics if you are dough-phobic, the article will get you making homemade pies in no time.

I've grown to love my Brussels Sprouts, especially when they're caramelized and crispy.  For an ideal Thanksgiving side, try Brussels Sprouts, Green Bean, and Wild Mushroom Saute from the SF Chronicle.  A little bacon kicks it off and with about 10 minutes of cooking time you've got a perfect side (which, by the way, would make the best leftover breakfast with a poached egg on top!).  Seek out fresh chanterelles-they are in season now and might be my all time favorite mushroom.  Buttery and rich, they are a bit more assertive than your everyday mushroom and will pair perfectly with these green veggies.  

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking!

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