Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I'm Reading Today

Whether it's Giant's Fever or Halloween excitement, it's decidedly fall. 

In honor of tonight's pitcher, Tim Lincecum, I'm passing on the LA Times' recipes for hash.  OK, not that hash!  I'm talking crispy, crunchy, greasy, and dripping with a fried egg kind of hash.  Not just your old fashioned Blue Plate Special version of hash either-the Times has versions that will have your breakfast or dinner plate smiling back at you.  Think Curried Pork and AppleSmoked SalmonRoast BeefChicken with Chile and Chorizo, and Autumn Vegetable.  

This morning on our local NPR station, KQED, Mark Bittman was interviewed for an hour, talking about The Food Matters Cookbook and all things food.  As you know, I love the guy.  I think his straight-forward approach to food and cooking is pragmatic and spot-on (I even wrote into the show and told him so-they read my letter on the air...ah, blush).   In today's NY Times that simple cooking philosophy manifests itself in his recipe for Ricotta Cheese Gnocchi.  I've made a version of these before and they could not be easier.  They don't require much prep and come out much lighter than their potato-heavy cousins.  Look for good ricotta-I like the "hand dipped" version at my local market, it's not watery and has a lovely flavor.  You can serve these with simple browned butter or even toss them gently with diced roasted squash and fresh sage.  If you want step-by-step directions, you can watch Mark make them here. 

I found this recipe for Warm Lentil Salad with Sweet Potatoes and Maple Vinaigrette in today's Washington Post.  Not only does it look very appropriate for Halloween (or the Giant's game) but it's made from lots of pantry staples and I do love recipes that don't have me running to the store.  The sweet potatoes are baked and could absolutely be swapped out with roasted butternut squash.  The vinaigrette is simply Dijon, apple cider vinegar, chives, nutmeg, and a little olive oil-you surely have most of this at home right now-who knew they'd be so tasty all together?  

Happy late October and may your baseball dreams come true and your candy buckets be filled with all your favorite treats.  Happy Reading and Happy Cooking! 

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