Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I'm Reading Today

The heat is ON big time in San Francisco.  We're finally getting our dose of summer and I for one am thrilled.

Since bikini weather is just kicking in here, it's time to finally put away the stew pot and turn to some fresh and healthy salads.  In today's NY Times this recipe for Cooked Grains Salad with Tomato Vinaigrette caught my eye right away.  I'm the first to admit that anything filed under the category of "healthy" usually steers me in the opposite direction but I also know that well seasoned and well balanced dishes can really satisfy and still be good for me.  The grains here are quinoa, brown rice, and bulgar but, as Martha Rose Shuman writes, these are totally flexible-pick what you like and run with it.  Go for a variety of textures and tastes-I think golden lentils and barley would play well too.  The fresh corn/cuke/tomato combo uses the best of the season for crunch and sweetness.  If you want to indulge a bit, crumble a little feta or cotija cheese over the top.  I may just make this one tonight.

Even though it is usually grilled, Carne Asada, translates literally to 'roasted meat'.  Skirt steak or flank steak gets marinated and thinly sliced before a quick cook, making a tender and juicy filling for tacos.  In the LA Times there is a very quick recipe for making your own, with the most time consuming part being the one hour it takes for the marinade to sit on the meat.  Believe it or not the recipe is inspired by one from Dodgers' Stadium (who needs hot dogs?) where it is served wrapped in corn tortillas with two kinds of salsa and grilled chiles.  The marinade is anchored with smoky chipotles, one of my favorite Latin flavors ever.  They are generally found in a can packed in spicy adobo sauce and a little bit goes a long way. 

Oh the making of school lunches.  Sometimes I get totally inspired and other (ok, most) times I find myself in a rut of making the same few things over and over again.  In the Chicago Tribune there is some new inspiration in the form of Roast Beef and Fontina Sandwiches with Garlic Mayonnaise and Arugula.  Would my son eat this in his lunch box?  Believe it or not I think he would-I'd go easy on the arugula and mayo, which is fine because I'll take the extras on my own sandwich!  The article is full of simple tips to help you keep school lunches interesting, fresh, and healthful-crunchy greens, flavored mustards, and great bread are the best places to start.  

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking!


Amelia PS said...

Hi Jodi!
I am loving the school lunch suggestions. My sons eat everything and anything I prepare for them (except bad or pre-packaged food!!!... they are tiny spoiled foodies...)

tuesdayrecipe said...

I'm doing the NYT salad with farro tonight. Yum Jod and thanks for pointing it out.

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