Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Star Wars Cookie Cutters Anyone??

Mother's Day was great!  Woke up to an hour of extra sleep, a pot of coffee next to my bed, and the paper on the other side.  A leisurely morning, breakfast made by my boys, an adorable homemade card, and two presents.  The first was an Ebelskiver pan/mix.  We'd made these in Tahoe this winter with our friend's pan and they were a huge hit.  We're a big pancake family so this will be well used.  Next was the present my son couldn't wait for me to open...Star Wars Cookie Cutters.  Who knew even Wiliams Sonoma was making deals with Lucas these days?  Here is a photo from the WS website-cute, eh?
You can guess who was most excited about the gift.  He promptly told me he wanted to bring the cookies to school for his birthday tomorrow.  Now I always make something homemade when it's my turn to bring treats.  No store bought Crisco frosted cupcakes for me!  But decorating cookies is definitely not my thing.  Sure I can make the actual cookie taste damn good but I still can't color in the lines on paper, imagine what my cookies look like.  That said, he was so excited and I'd actually learned from a friend recently some great tips on decorating professional style cookies.  I was moderately confident I could pull it off, pulled my butter out to thaw, and made a huge batch of cookies on Monday.  

Now these cookie cutters have a stamp in them.  This means you cut the cookie and while the cutter is on the dough you press the stamp to create an indented design.  Knowing that cookies often loose their shape in the oven I froze mine for about an hour before baking them.  Yoda came out of the oven ok-those wrinkles on his forehead still distinct.  Vader, the Stormtrooper, and Boba Fett all puffed up almost beyond recognition.  Oh well, that's what icing is for, right?

Cut to this morning.  I wake up extra early to make Ebelskivers for breakfast (my son ate the jam out of each one and left the actual pancakes, nice) and fire up a giant batch of royal icing.  After going to three grocery stores to find powdered egg whites yesterday, I was ready.  My mixer worked overtime blending those egg whites with water and 1 1/2 pounds, yes pounds, of powdered sugar.  After about 15 minutes it actually looked just right (a good tip from my friend Jen-you have to beat that icing a lot longer than you think).  

Cookies on a rack, I called in reinforcements in the form of my husband who actually bought the cookie cutters (payback, my sweet husband).  Thank god he's got a bit of artist in him.  He precisely mixed the icing colors for me-from muddy green to dirty blue they were spot on.  Basically I'm trying to tell you everything was stacked in my favor.  Then came the frosting job...

Oh god.  This has never been and will never be the part of cooking I like.  I almost melted down in culinary school the day we had to decorate wedding cakes (who has the patience to pipe pin-head sized pearls all over a cake anyways?).  But, no, I still came back for more.  I wasn't buying those damn cupcakes and these cookies were going to look good.   We did the Stormtroopers first (we because I made my husband stay and help me).  After a couple of Casper look-a-likes we cranked out a few that looked ok.  On to Yoda...is that Yoda, a Gremlin, or the top of a Troll Doll?  Who knows, and at this point who cares?!  Store bought cupcakes are actually looking mighty good..  Boba Fett, my son's favorite bounty hunter, had about six flippin' colors, stripes, details, etc.  Mind you, we're doing this based on ONE picture on the side of the box.  Vader turned out to look like Happy Darth instead of vicious Darth.  In the end, the ones my husband did are recognizable.  The ones I did look like a 1st grade art project.

Did I learn a lesson?  Absolutely!  First off,  being the overachieving mom means buying the store bought cupcakes and using that extra time to exercise or knock back a few cocktails.  Second, when you son (and husband) give you Star Wars cookie cutters for Mothers Day understand this is not really a present for you at all.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  In fact, if you want to give them a try, mine will be on ebay by tomorrow (ha!).

Here's a few pics for your viewing, and giggling, pleasure.  

First, William Sonoma's versions and next the versions by me:

Thank goodness for my talented husband who made many more of them actually look good.  Here are a few of his:

Two words: Over It!


Multi-tasking Mommy said...

You did a great job. I'm currently mixing my icing and having a really difficult time getting the colours right, particularly for boba fett. HELP PLEASE!!!

Mmm....that's good said...

For Boba Fetta we did 1 part blue to 1 part green to 2 parts light grey (we made the grey with black coloring and white icing). You definitely need the gel colorings, made a huge difference! Good luck-let me know how it goes

Harrison said...

I am about to try and decorate these same Star Wars cookies. How did you get that shade of green for Yoda? I think your cookies turned out great.

Mmm....that's good said...

Harrison..I used gel coloring and did a combo of the grey I'd made (w/black and white) and the green I had...it took lots of give/take but we eventually go there. Unfortunately I don't remember the exact ratios of colors, sorry. Let me know how it goes

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