Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Parsnip Pancakes

When I posted last week's What I'm Reading Today I included a recipe for Parsnip Fritters. 

I don't make these recipes before I post them, hence the article is called "What I'm Reading" and not "What I'm Cooking".  I go back to them over time, as you hopefully do, and cook them when I can.  I tackled the parsnip fritters as part of a mostly vegetarian dinner mid-week last week.

When you read the recipe, you quickly realize this is basically a latke with parsnips subbing for potatoes.  I think of a fritter as savory fried dough where as these are more parsnip heavy, with a bit of flour and egg to bind it-hence I'm renaming them Parsnip Pancakes.

They came together very fast. I opted to grate my parsnips on the grater blade of my food processor which saved loads of time.  I mixed the batter together and because parsnips don't oxidize (read: turn brown) nearly as fast as potatoes, I could let it sit on the counter for a couple of hours before dinner.

I cooked them in a nonstick saute pan in a thin layer of olive oil, transferring them to a paper-towel lined plate between batches.  The boys arrived a little late so to make sure they'd be nice and crispy for dinner I popped them in a 400 degree oven for about 7 minutes just before we ate-worked pefectly.

The original recipe calls for topping them with horseradish cream.  I LOVE horseradish but the one I had at home was loaded with way too much vinegar so when I made the cream it was much too acidic.  Next time a pinch of salt, a few more green onions, and I think I'm good to go.  Give 'em a try...not sure why but they feel a bit less guilty that good old fashioned latkes.

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