Friday, February 12, 2010

A Few Blogs to Check Out

I try to keep up on the latest and greatest in the world of food blogs but the list is never ending and I just can't catch up.  I've pointed out a few of my faves before and thought I'd add a handful of new names to the list (well, new to me at least).  Enjoy.

17 and Baking:  17 year old Elissa is a high school senior in Seattle (rumor has it she goes to the same high school I did).  You will quickly see that she is wise well beyond her years.  She is not only an amazing writer and photographer but, her baking is just stunning.  Frankly, I'm hooked.  Keep it up Elissa and you'll go great places!

Kiss My Spatula:  First off, love the name.  Second, the pictures-absolutely gorgeous.  Third, the recipes-simple, fresh, and ultra appealing. 

Paper and Cake:  OK, not a blog but if you bake you'll drool over the accessories on this site.  The best part, it's all printable!  Yep-fabulous cupcake wrappers, birthday hats, candy labels, and more.  It'll bring out the crafty in anyone.

Food at  Salon has recently added a food section which I love for keeping up on the latest news, trends, recipes, and tips.  Writers are top notch, including their food editor, Francis Lam, who you may recognize from his days writing for Gourmet.

Lottie and Doof:  Beautifully art directed and deliciously written, a weekly stop on my regular blog readings.

Z Tasty Life:  Sweet Amelia from Atlanta, by way of Italy, is adorable.  She works full time, runs her family, cooks like crazy, and takes book-worthy pictures.  I am so glad she finally started a blog.  I love reading about what she's cooking.


Deana said...

Fun! I love bookmarking great cooking blogs like yours Jod! Thanks for the tips, can't wait to check out the 17 year old baker from Seattle.

Sally & Bill said...

Love this blog... nothing makes me want to cook more than fantastic food photography!! 17 yr old in unbelievably talented and grown-up!!
Sally B

Amelia PS said...

We had Chad and Angie over for dinner last: what fun! Angie told me you had mentioned my blog: wow! what can I say? I am honored to be on your top-notch blog-roll, since I admire you so much (you gave me the inspiration and push I needed to start blogging!!!)
Thank you :)

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