Wednesday, December 23, 2009


What a day!  I spent the morning making tamales and the evening eating them up.  It was fantastic.  I have two great friends who invited my friend and I over to help make tamales with them.  Both Texans, with Mexican heritage, they've got cooking in their genes and good cooking at that.  They were incredibly prepared-masa from La Palma, home braised red chile pork, roasted green chiles and onions, and tons of corn husks to be boiled.  Here are a few pictures to get us started...the fresh masa and both fillings-red chile pork and green chiles with onions:

We cooked until mid afternoon, leaving our friends to finish up.  They had 10 DOZEN tamales to steam plus gorgeous calabacitas (braised zucchini), beans, and rice to finish.  When we showed up for dinner, with another 12+ people, the feast was augmented with chile con queso, chips, homemade  salsa, wonderful margaritas, and a huge platter of holiday cookies .

What a way to spend the night before Christmas-amazing friends and out of this world food.  It was spectacular in every way!! I hope you have friends who are as open and generous with their own family holiday traditions.  It really is a very special thing.


Chuck and Chuckie said...

Mmm...delicioso! We are having tamales for breakfast and already dreaming of future tamaladas with you.

Angie said...

What a fun way to spend a morning and evening. My inlaws used to make homemade tamales with friends each year for a big New Year's party. I thought that was such a fun tradition and they are so delicious!

Amelia PS said...

que bueno :) this sounds like a MERRY MERRY day.
We LOVE spending the day in the kitchen with frinds: there's nothing better. We did just that on our Xmas day (a mix of people from all over the world: Danish, Frrnch, Italian, and African connections, and of course US!). I bet those tamales were incredible with all the love that went in them (and amazing local ingredients).
Here's to a 2010 filled with friends, love and mmm...great food!!! and I hope to meet you soon Jodi, and cook together!

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