Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Am Thankful For... many things this year.  Here is a short list.  What about you?

My wonderful husband and son, what's life without them?

My newly organized shelf of cookbooks, color coordinated (fashion over function but ahhh, it looks so good)

Thanksgiving at home this year

My dear family, especially the ones who so often read and comment on my blog

Meyer Lemons

My students and fellow teachers who make it all worthwhile

My produce and meat guys at Whole Foods who always save the best stuff for me

Dungeness Crab

My ability to throw together Huevos Rancheros of "Oh Sh*t Soup" on the fly

My last book and my upcoming books

Kosher Salt

My new agent, and hopefully another new cookbook
My Bob Kramer for Shun knife

Fresh Blackberries

The Lumachine with Sunday Supper Sauce at Pizzeria Delfina

My many friends who continually tell me to keep on keeping on

Contigo , Swan Oyster Depot, and breakfast at Out the Door on Bush Street

Having this outlet to write about food, cooking, and getting into the kitchen to cook.

Thank for reading and a very happy Turkey Day to you all

1 comment:

Amelia PS said...

so wonderful, everything!
I am thankful for MANY things, including having met you!
And if you were closer you totally would receive one of my panettones as a gift!!!
Have an amazing Thanksgiving day and week-end with your family.

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