Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What I'm Reading Today

I'm fighting a nasty cold so I'm doing a lot more reading about what tastes good than actually tasting it. Here's what I like today...

If your read this blog regularly, you know that I have a sweet spot for rice pudding. I love it hot, cold, thick, or thin. In today's LA Times there is a recipe, via Wine Bistro Pierre LaFond in Santa Barbara, for Rice Pudding with Banana and Pistachio. It's served cold, making it perfect to stash way back in the fridge so only you know where it is (not that I've ever done that). This is a great way to use a banana that is a little over-ripe. When my bananas get this way I just throw them in the freezer-they work perfectly in banana bread or smoothies. Guess next time I'll just have to make rice pudding.

From the now ubiquitous latte to the ever present cupcake, food trends have a tendency to take over like wild fire. Up next? Fried chicken. Not that it ever really went out of fashion but it's taking New York by storm and I'm sure it'll be on a restaurant menu near you if it isn't already. At
Momofuku Ko a Korean style chicken is served along side an American version, just a few times a day and family style-2 whole chickens, all the sides you can eat, and a $100 price tag. Now that better be some chicken! For a bit less money, you can tackle it at home, thanks to the NY Times. The recipe in today's food section for Korean Fried Chicken takes only about 30 minutes to make, plus an hour to marinate. Think lots of garlic and chili paste and super crispy skin...yep, I might just pass on the cupcake too.

I love the Washington Post for its quick and easy recipes and this week's section doesn't fall short. For a great side, or veggie entree, try Moroccan Chickpeas with Apple. Bright spices, crunchy apple, and (even canned) chickpeas transform into a North African dish that would be great with a roast chicken or even just a big bowl of no-fail brown rice.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking!

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