Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Julia Inspiration

This past Sunday I taught a class at Tante Marie's called "Cooking for the Family". It was a day of hands on cooking, making recipes for weeknight dinners to please all kinds of palates. I was thrilled to see a handful of my past students returning for the class. One woman particulary stood out.

Jessie has taken many of my classes. A relative newlywed, I helped her with her wedding registry, knocking off those worthless kitchen gadgets and picking great cookware and knives. She works full time but makes time to cook when ever she can. With the summer off, she was cooking three course meals for she and her husband and I could see her face fill with pride when she talked about them.

Like most of us, Jessie saw Julie and Julia. As I've mentioned, I liked the movie. I found it not only entertaining but motivating. Jessie told me she left the theater completely inspired to cook. She is too young to have witnessed the original Julia revolution but she connected with Julie in her love for the recipes and the craft. She told me she wants to cook all the time now.

Many critics poked holes in the film, finding Julie a bit annoying or saying Julia would never have watched such a thing. Personally, I'm all about getting people into the kitchen. If it takes a movie to get Julie Powell and Julia Child to inspire Jessie and people like her, I'm all for it.

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