Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Birthday Feast

Yesterday my husband celebrated his birthday. While my son kept trying to convince him that he should choose Benihana for his celebration dinner, he opted for my cooking, at home. What to make? His choice-a steak house meal with all the sides: Grilled Rib Eye, Creamed Spinach, Horseradish Mashers (I know, so 90s but so good!), and Pan Roasted Mushrooms.

If I can say so myself, it was delicious! Our new grill has cooked everything to perfection so those prime rib eyes were spot-on, charred on the outside and pink on the inside. The creamed spinach was old school-bechamel, loads of wilted down fresh spinach, and a handful of grated Reggiano. I picked up horseradish from Swan Oyster Depot, the best seafood market and lunch counter in town. They grate their own and it is blow-your-mind strong. Stirred into mashed potatoes, it made for just the right amount of heat. The shrooms were simple-small creminis cooked in garlic infused oil, finished with a shot of vermouth and cooked until brown but not too soft. We loved it all! While the steaks were pricey there is no way we could have gone out for this meal without spending loads more money. And trust me, it could not have been nearly this good. Next time you're celebrating, think about cooking at home. It really can feel very special.

The best testament to the meal? My son saying it was "almost as good as the House of Prime Rib" which, in his mind, is almost as good as Benihana. In my mind, a high compliment to the chef!

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Sara said...

gotta love the kiddos reactions. Glad it was a hit.

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