Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What I'm Reading Today

Happy Food Section Wednesday. Here's what looks good today...

Russ Parsons, of the LA Times, just returned from New Mexico. His article about true green chile made my mouth water, even at 6am. The real deal isn't so easy to find outside NM. He says imagine a poblano with about 10 times more heat-sounds fantastic. For his Green Chile Enchiladas he says you may find real NW green chile frozen at your supermarket. My suggestion? For the 2 cups of chopped green chile, use mostly poblanos with 1-2 serranos for the heat. You should stem the chile first and, if you want to cut down some of the kick, take out the seeds. I do this by cutting the stem off, turning the chile cut side down, then using my knife to cut the outside "meat" of the chile off, vertically, leaving the ribs and seeds intact so I can throw them away. It's like peeling away the good like a charm. PS...the best part of these southwestern lovelies? A fried egg on top! Mmmm....

I LOVE coconut rice. I don't make it too often, feeling just a tad guilty when I pour in that can of thick, rich coconut milk. But, there is something about the fragrance and texture of rice cooked in coconut milk that makes it divine. Burma Superstar, in San Francisco, does a really amazing, and seemingly light version that I crave. In today's NY Times Melissa Clark shares her spontaneously created recipe for Coconut Barley Pilaf with Corn, Chicken, and Cashews. Inspired by her own craving for coconut rice, she cleaned out her fridge and ended up with a damn good dish (love it when this happens!). Don't be daunted by the 40 minutes of cooking-it's largely unattended and probably well worth it.

OK, I couldn't get through my morning without a little something sweet. Bittersweet Chocolate Bars? Sold! I guess they are really brownies but packed with cocoa, bittersweet chocolate, and unsweetened chocolate (plus 3 sticks of butter) they looks over the top in just my style. One thing I love about brownies is that you can freeze them without compromising their taste or texture. Just wrap them tightly in plastic wrap. If you have the patience, wrap each brownie individually-they keep better and you can pull them out one at a time (oh so convenient when that cookie jar goes empty) . Thank you Washington Post!

The SF Chronicle published a great little article last Sunday called Terrific Dips and Sips. Packed full of quick and easy dips from some basic pantry staples, this list of recipes is worth saving for next time you are entertaining on the fly. I like the Smoked Trout "Brandade", the Pimiento & Cheese Spread (I've always wanted to try this), and the Chicken Liver Paté with Green Peppercorns.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking.


kd said...

Jodi when I saw your fb post I rushed on over here. Love enchiladas, green chiles ( I make a green chile brown rice) and eggs. I also love coconut milk, though I hate actual coconut (go figure). I haven't tried it, but what about coconut milk with quinoa? Perhaps a tiny bit less guilty. The other day I had some shrimp, tomato juice and half a can of coconut milk in the fridge and I ended up with something wonderful. I also love when that happens!

Mmm....that's good said...

Karen-I think it would be great with quinoa, just rinse it first and know it'll cook a lot faster. I may try it tonight with brown rice...will let you know how it is. Thanks for the note!

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