Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What I'm Reading Today

Welcome to Wednesday! Here's what I'm reading today.

"30 Days of Ripe Tomatoes"...what more do you need? The esteemed Russ Parsons, over at the LA Times will motivate you to use the best of my favorite fruit, at its peak right now. From gazpacho to ratatouille, these very simple recipes will keep things interesting every night for a month. You'll find great tips like perfect caramelizing and true marinara sauce, everywhere.

With about 50 pounds of Alaskan salmon in our new freezer, we're on the hunt for inventive things to do with it these days. In today's NY Times I saw this recipe for Almost Aunt Sandy's Sweet and Sour Salmon. I love the combo of onion, thyme, balsamic, and brown sugar and think it would actually work with any fish you like. The method of oven steaming the fish is so simple, even those of you afraid to cook fish at home will find it a snap. It keeps the fish moist and tender while infusing it with all those luscious flavors.

My dear friend Deana emailed me recently after finding herself with a beautiful box of fresh figs. She wanted some creative ideas for using them, beyond just popping them in her mouth. I love figs in salads, raw or roasted. In today's Washington Post a roasted fig salad is paired with grilled lamb chops. The dressing is a combination of Greek style yogurt, honey, and goat cheese. The salad alone would be fantastic but the dish in its entirety is gorgeous, easy, and perfect for entertaining. Hope you like it Deana!

I've been on a grilled eggplant kick lately. I love slicing it, giving it a soak in a simple vinaigrette, and grilling it until just tender. In today's Seattle Times there is a recipe for Roasted Eggplant Spread with Onion and Sweet Pepper. This riff on Baba Ghanoush is done in the oven instead of the grill and sweetened with onion and peppers. This kind of spread is great to have around, not just for a dip but as a sandwich spread or even as a sauce for grilled meat.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking!

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Deana said...

Thank you Jod! Another yummy fig recipe to try! (I made the goat fig and goat cheese salad per your suggestion with the first figs and loved it)... Time for another trip to pick up fresh figs!


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