Thursday, September 17, 2009

What I Read Yesterday

My bad...worked to meet a big writing deadline and didn't get to my Wednesday blog. Better late than never! Here you go.

Artichoke Hearts with Harissa Salad - oh my that looks fantastic. It's from an article in yesterday's LA Times about Rosh Hashana foods with a Sephardic (specifically Tunisian) bent. We ate a lot of amazing Sephardic food growing up but, ours hailed from Spain, Greece, and Turkey. This is decidedly more north African and the spicy Harissa looks like a perfect match for the buttery rich artichoke hearts. Yum.

I'm a huge giant sucker for a good crab cake but, add a bunch of filler, sweet peppers, and other things that aren't crab and don't waste my time. I'm loving Mark Bittman's Thai Style Crab Cakes from the NY Times because they've got gorgeous Thai elements without being stepped on with a bunch of extra ingredients. One great things about crab cakes, you can refrigerate the mixture for up to 8 hours before you actually cook them, making the dish perfect for entertaining or even just a make-ahead dinner.

The Washington Post has a feature in their food section called Homemade Fast Food. Brilliant! Your own Double Whopper or Sausage McMuffin...tastier, better for you, and saves gas!

Finally, if you're watching Top Chef like I am, you absolutely can't miss these recaps from comedian Max Silvestri. As of early this morning, the recap from Episode 5 (last night) wasn't posted yet but, go back and read the old ones. They will have you laughing harder than you have in a long time. My favorite line? "Top Chef Las Vegas is like "The Hangover", except without all the funny stuff."

Happy Reading!

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