Thursday, September 24, 2009

If I only knew how to.... to-what? That's my question, in regards to the kitchen, of course. I'm curious. If you could be better at anything in the kitchen, what would it be? I'm thinking about future posts and wondering what kinds of things you'd find most helpful. A few ideas to get you thinking:

-knife skills need some work
-tired of the same old recipes
-want to be a better baker
-need a properly stocked pantry
-tips on fitting cooking into a busy schedule
-don't know how to cut up a chicken

What do you think?? Be general or specific but be honest. I'm interested in anything and everything...if ever there was a time to comment on the blog, this is it.

Thank you!


Pete said...

This might be silly. But I'm intimidated by the prospect of making homemade candies. Specifically english toffee. I LOVE that stuff, and yet it costs an arm and a leg. I have a candy thermometer, yet I've never ventured into making english toffee, or other sort of candy, and chocolates, on my own. Could be a great christmas/holiday gift.

Pete Buchwald
College (Music) Instructor
Denver, CO

Susan M. said...

Fast, easy, nutritious meals for one. It's too easy to microwave a frozen Weight Watchers meal. The horror!

KateM3 said...

Definitely fitting nutritious but convenient/quick meals in during the week.

SallyB said...

Some tasty "low sodium" recipes!! It's a tough go.

tori said...

Really good crepes. Once you've got the basic recipe down, you can stack, chill, fill. That's a lesson I'd love to see you give. And I'll post a link to it on my site!

Deana said...

I am on board with the quick and easy and good for you meals for the family (in the 30 min I have to prepare dinner). The other thing though is stocking that pantry and what items to splurge on and what items are OK to scrimp on (generic will do)? Oh, and finally, why can't I make pizza? Every time I buy the pre-made dough from Trader Joe's I end up with doughy in the middle and crispy on the outer edge...I have tried stone, par baking the crust...but I appear to be doomed to wet and gooey crust or take out. Thanks Jod!

Anonymous said...

Would love some tips on knife skills and on keeping knives sharp (including the best local SF sharpening shops).

Kerry said...

Cutting a chicken and preparing an artichoke. And also the easy but nutrious mid-week dinners. What can I do in the morning to prepare?

kidshaus said...

How to make a dinner while keeping the kitchen relatively clean during the process. Is that even possible??

I would love to know how to cut up a chicken as well...

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