Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What I'm Reading Today

Rushing off to catch a ferry to our wi-fi free place on Whidbey Island, I missed my Wednesday round up last week. Apologies to those you caught me! I'm moving on so, here's what I'm reading this week.

I think a crisp might just be the easiest summer dessert ever. A simple crumble topping plus what ever fresh fruit is around add up to perfection in my book. You can even make the topping in big quantities and store it in your freezer, ready for those extra ripe berries or stone fruit any old night. Today's LA Times has a stunner of an article on simple summer fruit desserts, including one for Peach Blackberry Crisp, a combo made in heaven if you ask me. Don't miss the Fig Tart while you're there...

Peanut sauce is one of those magical things you can make in about 5 minutes if you've got a well stocked pantry. Skewer some pieces of tender pork, chicken breast, shrimp, or flank steak and you've got Thai-style satay in no time. In today's NY Times Mark Bittman, keeper of all things quick and easy, has a recipe for Grilled Pork Skewers with Peanut Sauce. If pork isn't your thing, like I said, try any other meat or even grilled veggies.

I saw this recipe in the San Francisco Chronicle earlier this month and its one of those dishes I keep thinking about. Haven't made it yet but, it is high on my list-Ginger Fried Chicken, studded with garlic and soy. If you embark on frying at home, take my advice and use your wok. Because of the shape, it allows you to get a wide surface area for frying without using as much oil as you would in a big deep pot. It heats up quickly and works great.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking!


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Kerry said...

I remembered your suggestion for crisp topping, and actually made and froze a double batch before heading to Whidbey, knowing we'd pick blackberries while we were up there. Yum!

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