Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What I'm Reading Today

The sun's up early in San Francisco today. A good sign, I hope. Hasn't yet felt like real summer here...then again I guess that doesn't come until September. Oh well, a good excuse to try out some of these recipes!

The LA Times takes a look at the restaurant scene in Napa Valley. Always a food destination, the Valley is the home to some hot new spots. Bardessono, the new Eco-friendly resort in Yountville sounds like a definitely stop for a meal, even if the high three figure room does not fit your budget. A few friends of mine have eaten at Bottega, Michael Chiarello's new place, and one loved it while the other was on the fence. The Times seems to think its a mixed bag too but, I've got a feeling sitting at the bar for drinks and apps would be the way to do it. There is even a recipe for Molasses Ginger cookies from St.Helena's Model Bakery...a perfect spot for breakfast or a snack, now you can have a taste without even leaving home.

I love, love, love shortcakes with fresh berries. When I talk shortcakes I mean the buttery biscuit type not the spongy cups found shrink wrapped next to the gelatinous pie filling at the market. Today's New York Times has a recipe for Strawberries with a Brown Butter Shortcake that might change my mind. This sponge cake, much like a classic genoise, is topped with slightly warm berries with a hint of orange. It looks stunning and probably tastes just as good.

The San Francisco Chronicle has a nice article on refreshing, non-alcoholic, summer drinks. From Strawberry Lemonade a la Nopalito to Bakesale Betty's Lemon Ice, there are some perfect treats if your summer is actually warm. Best part are the little snacks that go with them...I'm loving the Five Spice Popcorn Chicken.

Today's Washington Post is packed full of info on canning and preserving, something I always say I'm going to do. Recipes like Strawberry Vanilla Bean Jam or Preserved Zucchini will have you filling jars in no time.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking

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