Friday, July 17, 2009

Perfect Summer Lunch and Eggs

Big news. Today I signed a contract to write another book, all about eggs. Yep, it'll be a spring title by me and sold all over the place. Should actually get author credit on the front this time, which will be a nice change!

When I test recipes for a cookbook, my first step is to write a draft of everything. This is a smaller book, only 40 recipes, so it doesn't take too long. Being up to my ears in eggs this week, I turned to the carton when I went into the kitchen to find something for lunch.

I had a juicy heirloom tomato which I diced and tossed with a pinch of minced fresh garlic and a handful of basil from my garden. A little salt, pepper, and Bariani olive oil and that was delish already. I had some ciabatta so I brushed a couple slices with some olive oil and threw 'em in my trusty old (very old) toaster oven. While the bread was toasting and the tomatoes were getting some love, I poached two eggs. When all was said and done I put the toast on the plate, mounded the tomatoes on top, and crowned it all with the eggs. I can't tell you how perfect it was! Sadly I ate it so fast I didn't get a photo. Next time...

It made me realize (or re-realize) the joys of a poached egg. While I love them for breakfast, there is so much to do with them other times of the day. I braised a heap of Romano beans from the farmer's market today. My plan was to serve them with dinner but, my hope is I have them leftover so I can heat them up and throw a poached egg on top :)

Roasted asparagus, frisee salad, what else do you like with a poached egg on top?


JILL said...

Congrats Jod! I am excited for you. Can't wait to see your name in big print on the cover of this upcoming cookbook.

donnie said...

Congratulations! I bought your vegetable one and love it.

Let me know when you need me to come over to test these recipes for you. Don't you need some unbiased taste buds to be certain? :)

Jen Tobiason said...

That last one was from me, btw. "Donnie" is my dad's account (Don). Didn't realize that he was signed in to gmail on my computer.

We can both come over and test recipes. :)

Paikimin said...

To answer you questions about poached eggs, for my part, I like them when they are cooked the last minute in a soup! My mother used to do that when I was young, but since we were seven in the family, she used only to do a few, we had to share, otherwise the soup pot was crowded, and it would looked more like a poached egg soup than a soup finished with a poached egg.

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