Friday, July 31, 2009

The Ever Insightful Michael Pollan

How I missed this in Wednesday's NY Times, I don't know (vacation mode, I guess).

Please take the time to read Out of the Kitchen, On to the Couch. The 8 (yes, eight) page manifesto written by Pollan on the demise of home cooking. Each page touched a hot spot with me, a firm believer in cooking at home.

He uses Julie and Julia as a jumping off point, Julia specifically, and spends a good amount of time praising Julia's efforts to get Americans into the kitchen. I love him saying, "Child was less interested in making it fast or easy than making it right, because cooking for her was so much more than a means to a meal. It was a gratifying, even ennobling sort of work, engaging both the mind and the muscles. You didn’t do it to please a husband or impress guests; you did it to please yourself." He of course flips to food television today and is hard pressed to find it redeeming the way Julia's era was.

It's long but so, so well worth the read. Print it off, take it on the plane, read it over lunch, or bring it to bed. I'd love to know what you think.

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Susan said...

I read the article, which was in yesterday's Times, and found it fascinating, too. What struck me was how cake mixes were changed so that eggs were added. That way, the person baking it felt as if she really making the cake. But, my mother still refused to use a box mix!

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