Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What I'm Reading Today

A drizzly cool day in San Francisco. The perfect day for some cooking! Here's what I'm reading today.

The LA times concedes today-the cupcakes is here and not going anywhere. Where ever you live, I'm sure a cupcake bakery has popped up over the last few years. I make a damn good cupcake on my own but, I will admit to being gifted some amazing Kara's cupcakes last weekend and they were delicious. In their article about the little cakes, they have a link to a long list of cupcake recipes. Next time you're thinking of going to the bakery, maybe you should make your own. And if you're in L.A., there is even a local cupcake map!

Crispy Chicken Schnitzel-a lightly breaded and crispy piece of boneless chicken. Top it with an lemony herb salad and this is my kind of dinner. A 15 minute meal that will please even the pickiest of eaters at your house, this is easy on the wallet too. Of course if you want to make it more interesting, you could serve it with a Rye Old Fashioned because hey, who doesn't like a good old school cocktail? Thank you NY Times.

Sunday's SF Chronicle featured old San Francisco recipes reinvented for modern times. Emily Luchetti, local pastry chef extraordinaire, tackled the It's It, an ice cream sandwich that's been made in the Bay Area since 1928. The original version is vanilla ice cream between two oatmeal cookies, coated with chocolate. In Emily's version, she uses ginger ice cream, spikes her cookies with cinnamon, and coats half of it in bittersweet chocolate. Now that's a summer dessert to try.

The Washington Post talks about their five favorite inexpensive kitchen tools. My favorite? Your hands! OK, the rest aren't this inexpensive but, still some must-haves on the list. Also, I was trying to decide if Brownie Scones sounded good but, when I read the head note "
These scones answer the craving for dessert before 10 a.m" I knew they were for me.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking!

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