Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bidding Farewell to a Legend

(Me, Wolfgang Puck, and Annie Stoll
photo credit to Marcia Gagliardi, aka 'the tablehopper')

I got an amazing invitation last night. My friend Annie invited me to be her guest for the final dinner at Postrio. For those of you who don't know the restaurant, it is Wolfgang's 20 year old San Francisco outpost. A spot to eat the latest in trendy food and wear the latest in trendy attire, the place was a hang out for many over the years. During its tenure, the kitchen saw the likes of Craig Stoll, Richard Reddington, Annie Gingrass, David Gingrass, Mitch and Steven Rosenthal, Janet Rikala, and many others. All those hands were on deck last night-expediting and manning stations on the line to put out some really amazing food. In all honesty, we expected more of a party and less of a focus on the meal but, these veterans of the kitchen gave it their all.

The menu for the night was the opening menu from the first night at Postrio, even the prices were the same. We ate beautifully seared foie gras with roasted fennel, the 'giant blini' with smoked salmon, a steak cooked to absolute perfection, and Chinese style duck with steamed buns. It was really impeccable food (even the butterscotch sundae was to die for).
The food wasn't the only thing that was beautiful last night. Guests pulled out the stops and were dressed to the nines. We arrived early and posted ourselves in the bar so we could see people as they arrived. Annie knew everyone from her long SF restaurant history. I mostly sat and stared, enjoying the star sightings immensely. Let's see...we saw the dear Mary Risley, Chuck Williams (of Williams-Sonoma), Willie Brown, Denise Hale, Tatiana Sorokko, the incredible writer Peggy Knickerbocker, the 'tablehopper' Marcia Gagliardi, and or course Wolfgang himself. He was working the room, cozying up to San Francisco's elite for one last time.

Willie Brown toasted Wolfgang at the end of the night. When Wolfgang returned the toast with a huge thank you to everyone, he finished with the now famous line from the guv, "I'll be back". Time will tell but, if last night was any indication, Wolfgang will be a legend in SF for a long, long time.


Anonymous said...

Annie and Craig are now the new legends and beautiful they are....Dad

Sara said...

Glad you were able to attend the farewell last night. Postrio was one of the first restaurants that turned me on to good food. I used to love going there when staying at the Prescott when we worked at msft.

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