Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What I'm Reading Today

An edit to my post this morning: Hot off the presses at, noted food writer and restaurant critic Alan Richman writes a fantastic article on why American pizza is so damn good. He ate his way through pizzerias from coast to coast and ranked his top 25 in the country. The #3 pic? Yep, Pizzeria Delfina's Panna Pizza-a favorite of mine (especially when I ask to add sausage to it!). In fact, three SF spots rated in the top 25-in addition to Pizzeria Delfina you'll find Gialina and A16. Good work!


I'm starting to think my readers are vanishing. Mmm...That's Good has been comment-less for a while. Anyone out there?

Here's what I'm reading on this sunny San Francisco day.

Leave it to Melissa Clark to have another great weeknight recipe in the NY Times. Pan Roasted Pork Chops with Pea Shoot Pesto sounds divine. I love changing up pesto and right now pea shoots are out and about so, give 'em a try. These vines and tendrils have a fresh flavor and, while I've never made pesto with them myself, I am sure they'd be perfect. There is also a great article on one of my favorite sauces, Sriracha-who knew the stuff was created in LA?

Speaking of LA, the LA Times, a la Russ Parsons, tells you how to improvise some great dishes with the bounty of amazing stuff you should be bringing home from the farmer's market these days. Spring Veggie Stew with Herbed Ricotta Gnocchi looks to die for, and a Mixed Berry Crostata is always a fave of mine. Have you been to your farmer's market lately?

This looks like a simple dish for the grill with big, bold flavors: Sesame Ginger Romaine Salad with 5-Spice Chicken from the SF Chronicle. It is Memorial Day Wknd after all, time to dust off that BBQ and fire it up.

I was going to link to the Mango Curry. Then I saw the Spicy Korean Steak Sauce. After that the Berry Corn Bread Cake. I didn't know where to begin so today just read the entire Washington Post food section. It's a good one!

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking!


Anonymous said...

I read your blog, Jod! I'm planning on baking my Massa Organics brown rice this week sometime because of you. :-)

JILL said...

Speaking of pizza and this GQ article, I was in Phoenix this past weekend with two girlfriends. One is a fellow food lover and the other could care less. On Friday night we arrived at Pizzeria Bianco (#4 on the list) at 6 pm. We put our names on the list but with a 3.5 hour wait, was it really going to be worth it? Had we been a party of 2, we would have stuck it out. After about 2 hours of hoping that maybe a few parties flaked out, the hostess assured us that we had another 1.5 hour wait. We left and instead enjoy BLT Steak...a not so recession proof but fabulous meal.

Paikimin said...


I love reading your blog! I just don't write comments. thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and love of food with everybody!

Jo-Ann Patneaude said...

Hi Jod - I read often! As a matter of fact, in the last few weeks, i've made.... flank steak, turkey meatball soup, snapper 'en papillote', oven friend chicken and those yummy cottage cheese pancakes! Think and talk about you often! You're my best source for new menu ideas! Hope you all are well!

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