Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What I'm Reading Today

We have a bit of a pancake obsession at our house. From our weekly cottage cheese pancakes to 'Daddy's Pancakes', another family recipe that my son has deemed 'the best!'. So it's no surprise the article in today's LA Times about Aebleskivers caught my eye. This Danish pastry is sort of a pancake/donut combo, what could be bad about that? Only problem is you need a special pan to make them. If only there were a Netflix for cookware!

This recipe isn't from today but, it's still featured on the NY Times food page, Asparagus with Morels and Tarragon. I can't imagine a more spring tasting dish. It reminds me of an 8 course meal my husband and I had at Alain Ducasse in Paris about 8 years ago. It was the height of spring and every course had asparagus and morels. Mmmm...

I've never been a huge fan of French macaroons. They always seems cloyingly sweet to me. Lately, I'm changing my tune. Last week my cousin brought me a box from Masse's Pastrie's in Berkeley and they were balanced beautifully (chocolate, strawberry, and yuzu was the trio). For mom's day I had a box from the Beverly Hills to Hayes Valley transplant Paulette. These cookies are on an entirely new level! The fillings are fresh and rich and the cookies have a smooth texture that is anything but too sweet. The SF Chronicle (on Sunday) has a rundown of all the local shops...I'd definitely recommend a trip to Paulette (my faves are the caramel pecan and the raspberry).

So many people I know have decided to start eating less meat and more veggies in their weekly diet, a smart way to eat. If you're on a less carnivorous path these days, you might want to try Polenta with Poached Egg, Feta, and Radicchio from the Washington Post. It's dinner in a snap and, if you don't have a taste for bitter greens, I think chard or spinach would both work nicely.

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking!

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