Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What I'm Reading Today

It's that time of the week again. Here's what I'm reading.

The LA Times is 'Tackling the Ethics of Eating'. Who isn't these days, right? I like this article for is practicality. It's not too preachy, doesn't whine incessantly about why every bite in your mouth must come from the farm down the street, and recommends great reads if you're hungry for more. Speaking of which, I need to get my hands on this new Mark Bittman book!

This Curried Cauliflower Flatbread, from Mr. Bittman himself in today's NY Times looks great. It's more like a pancake, the combination of roasted cauliflower and a batter poured into a pan, so no yeast or kneading involved. Even if you skip the bread, I love roasting cauliflower and curry powder on top is a perfect addition.

A few days ago, the SF Chronicle wrote about a couple new family friendly cookbooks. Their recipes, adapted from the books, look like anyone, young or old, would be more than satisfied. Baked Butterscotch Pudding and Soft Pretzels-what's not the like?

Chicken wings are perfect recession food-cheap, simple, and, come on, you know you secretly love 'em! In today's Washington Post there is a recipe for Indian Chicken Wings that'll change up the usual spicy Buffalo numbers.

Pork Tenderloin three ways? The Seattle Times has three inspiring new ways to cook this uber-popular and very lean cut of meat. Enjoy!

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking

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