Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What I'm Reading Today

It's a virtual throwdown at the NY Times today. Julia Moskin and Kim Severson get $50 to make dinner for six and Frank Bruni was the judge. Was it Kim's Mexican Feast (carnitas anyone?) or Julia's French Italian (I do like Gougeres especially when she adapted a recipe from my friend Tori)? I'll let you decide.

Turning your kitchen into a pizzeria will become a reality after reading today's LA Times. Whether you opt for a pizza stone or old fashioned bricks, they've got your oven design and a couple of great looking recipes too. My only advice? Make that dough into at least four pies (as the recipe suggests) for crisp and thin pizzas.

In today's Washington Post, Joe Yonan writes "Ask 10 cooks what they do with leftover wine, and, trust me, at least half will respond, "What's leftover wine?" A reasonable and true answer but, he does still manage to get some good recipes out of them. Mulled Wine Syrup over Greek Yogurt sounds great to me. But again, is there ever any leftover wine?

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking

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