Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Kind of Corned Beef

I've never been a fan of Irish style corned beef and cabbage. I know, it's St. Patrick's day and I'm probably commiting all kinds of Leprechaun sins by even saying that today but, it's the truth. The corned beef is always kind of bland and the cabbage seems to loose it's texture and crunch, to me the reason to eat cabbage in the first place. The concept of the dish is fine and I certainly eat it if it's in front of me but, I don't crave it like I do the other kind of corned beef and cabbage.

Yes...that one! Rich corned beef, thinly sliced and piled very high on a slice of fresh rye bread. The cabbage comes in the form of slaw, slathered on the beef and crowned with Russian dressing. Top it with another piece of bread and that's one of my favorite meals.

So Happy St. Pat's to all you Irish out there. I'll wear my green and probably even buy my son a green bagel (a traditional started by my mom), but, when it comes to corned beef and cabbage, I'll be eating it on rye.

(mouth watering photo courtesy of NYC Food Guy....thank you!)

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Chris said...

Looks like you could have included the picture of this sandwich in your following blog with this url,

That's a lot o' dead cow in that sandwich!

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