Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What I'm Reading Today

It's good to be back to my regular Wedneday post. Here's what I'm reading today.

The SF Chron no longer has a Wednesday food section. After the news this morning, it might no longer have a paper! As I see good stuff on their site, I'll continue to post links from here. For today, nothing exciting...

A green way of cooking pasta? Just when you thought you'd heard enough about going green, Harold McGee, in today's NY Times, tests out the idea that you need quarts and quarts of water to properly cook your pasta. Reading the article, as well as comments from Lidia Bastianich and Marcella Hazan, I'm not sold on his 2-cup method but, I'd give it a try. The guy is a food scientist extraordinaire and he tests this stuff like nobody's business so, it's worth at least a shot in my kitchen, right?

It took the LA Times to write reviews of the two places in Seattle I've had high on my list for a while: the Corson Building and Spinasse. I'm bound and determined to try both on my next visit. I loved Matt Dillon's Sitka and Spruce (no, not that Matt Dillon) so I have no doubt the Corson Building experience will be amazing. Spinasse is helmed by Justin Neidermeyer, who worked a year in Italy mastering the art of homemade pasta. The menu looks delicious and I've heard great things.

Also in today's LA Times, a great article on slow cookers (or crock-pots). I don't have one but, just last night in my class I had students asking me about how to use them. The recipe for Cuban-Style Braised Pork Shoulder looks like the perfect way to take advantage of the slow and low cooking.

Another out of town review, but this one in today's Washington Post. Last September I wrote on the blog about an amazing meal I ate at Napa's Ubuntu. I probably mentioned the cauliflower dish served in little cast iron pots. Anyone you talk to who's eaten at Ubuntu will gush over this to-die-for preparation. Even Jean-Georges loved it. Here is the recipe! It's actually a handful of recipes in one as the cauliflower is served several ways in one dish but, if it tastes anything like what Jeremy Fox does at the restaurant, you'll love it. Be sure to read the arcticle too...

Happy Cooking

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