Sunday, January 11, 2009

Family Dinner

I roasted and peeled four Poblanos today and for the first time ever, they left my hands on fire! Excuse my typing...

Is there really anything more important than family dinner? When you were a kid, didn't you sit down at night and eat a meal with your family? I did all the time and really didn't know any different. I had no idea how important it was then.

I know, a lot of you live on your own and may not actually see your family as often as you'd like but, I mean family in a very liberal sense-you, your kids, your parents, your friends, or your neighbors. Make your "family" with who ever is around and break bread with them.

I think it is so incredibly important to sit down at the table and eat home cooked food. I've posted about this before but, it's Sunday evening and this is always the night when I think about a family meal. I have good friends who own a restaurant and their schedules are nuts. But, what ever might be happening gets put aside on Sunday night so they can have family dinner.

So much happens when you share a meal with others. If you have kids, you hear about their day, their worries, and their friends. If you are with your spouse, you might actually have a minute to tell a story or have a conversation. If it's friends or neighbors, you can learn something new about each other or just have a good laugh. It's not quite the same in a restaurant. It's nice and special but, eating at home should be even more special. When you spend time cooking and share that with others, it tells them you care about them. You've probably heard the term 'food is love'. Never is it more true when you have a meal with your family.

If tonight is not the night, how about tomorrow?


lynda said...

I couldn't agree more. Hopefully it will be more often than on Sundays, yet we take what we can get. All kinds of studies have shown the many benefits from sitting down with your kids for regular meals. It's a shame that this seems to be something so many families don't take the time or make the effort to do anymore.And if it isn't about raising kids than by all means, break bread with friends and neighbors from time to time. It's good for the soul!

angiecholmes said...

Our family makes it a priority to share dinner time despite our busy schedules. One 'game' that we play which our kids LOVE is to share with the table your 'high' and your 'low' for the day (the best thing that happened and the worst). Not only is it a great way to learn more about each other but it forces us to reflect on the day as well and maybe make better choices next time. Try it - you might like it!

kidshaus said...

Hi jodi
i just fell into your blog via FB and am really enjoying your posts! I love this post about "Family Dinner" because it is such a staple of our lives. When Sabine was a baby, we didn't adhere to any regimen but somewhere along the way, I made a point of having everyone sit at the table and sometimes it's the ONLY time in our day when we all stop spinning like tops (though our 2 year old can be hard to stop :)). I would be lost without family dinners!

I hope you're enjoying your trip in Asia -- sounds like a FUN adventure!!

Michelle Maclise

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