Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What I'm Reading Today

My last post of 2008. Thanks for reading, commenting (the **very* few of you), and telling me in person how much you enjoy the blog. Hope your 2009 is full of lots of cooking and fantastic eating.

The folks at the SF Chronicle spent some time compiling their 2009 Foodie Wish List. Some of the items come from the paper's food writers and others come from locals in the food biz. My favorites on the list? More soft serve ice cream in restaurants (I miss having a local DQ), less small plates, better nutritional education for kids, and down with the burgers at $20 and over. It's a fun read.

At the end of every December the LA Times compiles their top recipes of the year. I've been reading this articles for ages. When my grandmother used to winter in SoCal, she'd cut it out and send it to us. Yes, my family has always been a little crazy about the Wednesday food section! This year I'm liking Midnight Chocolate Brownie Bites and the Maple Bacon Biscuits I wrote about earlier this year and still haven't made.

Anyone that goes to the Dining section of the NY Times today could guess in a minute what I am loving there. Fleur de Sel Caramels. I am sure by next year some list will include our over-doing the combination of salt and caramel but I can't imagine anytime in a my life where I get stick of this duo. One of my all time favorite combinations.

I know the name is weird-Weiner Schnitzel. However, if you call it crispy breaded veal scallopini, it probably sounds great, right? This recipe from the Washington Post is a really simple weeknight dish and, if you don't do veal, it works nicely with chicken breast of medallions of pork tenderloin. Call it what you want, just give it a try.

Happy Cooking in 2009!

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