Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What I'm Reading Today

It's food section Wednesday, what are you reading?

Brandade is something I fell for in culinary school. The combination of salted cod and potato are heavenly together. Today's New York Times takes it to the next level with a recipe for Brandade Potato Latkes. It looks more like a croquette than a traditional latke but, either way, I'll take it. Of course if you're still in the cookie mood, Julia Moskin writes all about the butta' and has recipes to go with it.

I've made Thomas Keller's Chocolate Bouchon's (or chocolate 'corks') before. They are dense little cakes that taste like the best brownie ever. Today's Los Angeles Times suggests making them as a holiday gift. I'm pretty sure you'll make some good friend if you take their advice.

Today's San Francisco Chronicle has a fantastic looking recipe for Roasted Pork Shoulder with Farro and Squash Stuffing as part of their Italian holiday menu. It looks savory, rich, and perfect for a winter celebration.

Trying to decide how to cook your holiday Prime Rib? Well, in today's Washington Post Micheal Mina has a suggestion-poach it in butter. Not just a little butter, 8 POUNDS of clarified butter. That's one pound of butter for every pound of meat! Granted, you don't actually eat the butter, it's more the vehicle for cooking the meat (think pasta cooked in water) but, I am pretty sure this is the only recipe I've seen in my lifetime that called for 8 POUNDS OF BUTTER! That said, is there any way this can't turn out delicious?

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