Monday, December 15, 2008

Serious Pie

I just returned from a great visit up north in Seattle. In true winter fashion, we were dusted with snow and chilly weather but, it felt like real winter which we don't get too often in SF (with the exception of this morning's massive hail storm).

We managed to sneak out with friends one night for a meal at Serious Pie. Any long time readers of mine know I love Tom Douglas-Seattle chef extraordinaire. Starting with Dahlia Lounge, Tom has created a restaurant empire that really is the pillar of Northwest cuisine. Tom calls the restaurant a 'pizzeria with a bread baker's soul'.

We arrived late on the snowy night and still had to wait a good 45 minutes. The place is small with long communal tables and stone floors-a nice rustic Seattle vibe. We were finally seated and ordered 7 of the 9 pies on the menu. We didn't sample any starters as Karen had made us too many yummy appetizers at her house before hand.

The laundry list of pizzas begins:
1) Special: Anchovy pie with Tomato and Olives-Big anchovy flavor-you loved it or hated it
2) Buffalo Mozzarella, San Marzano Tomato (a.k.a. Margherita) -nice, simple, clean flavors
3) Yukon Gold Potato, Rosemary, and Olive Oil-to me this pizza fell flat-bland and really one dimensional
4) Cherry Bomb Peppers, Sweet Fennel Sausage-delish! loved the peppers and lots of juicy sausage
5) Guanciale, Soft Egg, Arugula (although it came w/Dandelion Greens instead)-as we said, anything with a fried egg on top rates high-this fit the bill nicely
6) Delicata Squash, Roasted Garlic, Gorgonzola-good but, beware the roasted garlic-it was overly pungent at times
7) Venison Sausage, Caramelized Onions, Rustico-warm and rustic, this was a well balanced pie

The wood oven created a nice blister on the crusts of these pies but, in my opinion, it burned in too many spots. I know thin crust pizzas need blisters and even black spots-I'm used to that (Delfina does it perfectly). This was just heavy on the char, at least for me.

Sadly, we went to dinner having heard that the servers would let you order Tom's signature Coconut Cream Pie off the menu and grab it from next door at Dahlia. We did this, much to our server's chagrin, and were told Dahlia was closed and we couldn't have it. Hmmm...not sure that was true but, oh well.

Service was really mediocre and the food was good but not amazing. Would I go back? I think it would be a while. My list of other places to try up North is just too long.

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Serena said...

New to your blog, but being a recent Bay Area transplant from SEA, Serious Pie caught my eye. sounds like I could do better here for pizza. I ate at Quinn's on Capitol Hill in Sept - it was fantastic!

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