Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Sticky Buns

I don't watch TV during the day unless I'm sick or, it's Saturday, the house is empty, and I can turn on the PBS cooking shows. So, I'm not sure why I had Martha Stewart on a week or two before Christmas. She was hosting an adorable baker named Seth Greenberg of Seth Greenberg's Just Dessert's. He is a Scarsdale based baker who creates his delicious looking baked goods out of his home. He and Martha had a four segment session where they prepared his mini-sticky buns. They looked FANTASTIC, albeit a labor of love as the real recipe takes two days to prepare.

Having worked in the kitchens of the Food Network, I know the magic of the 'beauty shot'. This is the finished product, meticulously prepared by the show's kitchen staff, used for the camera shots at the end of the segment (and sometimes at the beginning). Martha did have a lovely plate of the sticky buns to show before she and Seth started working. But, she was also supposed to pull the through-the-magic-of-television finished buns out of the oven at the end. Well, she opened that baby and was apparently greeted with a burning smoking mess. She recovered nicely and I giggled to myself seeing seemingly perfect Martha find the words to cover this one up.

Burned mess or not, I decided to tackle the buns. The first time it was with my mom in Seattle. We divided the job and came out with what I thought were adorable and really tasty little pecan cinnamon bites. I made them last week too. I brought a few pans to friends so they could bake them on Christmas morning and a pan for our family as well. Sadly, mine didn't rise enough. They tasted lovely (a bit sweet for me) and looked fine but, for two days of work, I'm not sure.

I am always on the hunt for a the perfect American style cinnamon roll and this just wasn't it. Recipe or bakery, I'm there. Any hints????

Hope your holidays were are sweet and wonderful as mine.

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