Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What I'm Reading Today

Whew...finally, after all those years of debating, fighting, advertising, and seeing Russian from the backyard, it's over. Wa hoo!

Absolutely Divine Devil's Food Cake? What more do I need to say. Thank you SF Chronicle for satisfying everyone's favorite craving.

I'd never had a chestnut until I went to culinary school way back when. I made Thanksgiving stuffing with them one year and really loved it. They have a nutty taste and a rich, smooth texture. I loved Russ Parson's article about the humble nut in today's LA Times and his recipe for celery root-chestnut puree looks delish too.

If you are a "Yelper" or just look at yelp for your restaurant, dentist, carpet cleaner, or watering hole recommendations, today's NY Times article about the site is a must read.

The Washington Post might be next Wednesday regular stop. Today's article about giving Jacque Pepin $24 and watching him create an impromptu meal was fabulous. I'm definitely making his short ribs with mushrooms!

Have a good day!

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