Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What I'm Reading (about Thanksgiving) Today

Wednesday again..Here's what I'm reading. Food sections are all about Thanksgiving this week...read on.

I always get asked "how do I make the gravy"? I've had some great Thanksgiving gravies and some not so good. The best were from homemade turkey stock. This recipe, and the great article that goes with it
(from Julia Moskin in the NY TImes) , looks like perfection. Don't be alarmed when it says it'll take you 9 hours. Most of that is just the stock simmering away-simple, simple, simple-seriously. If anyone who reads this goes out and buys pre-made turkey gravy I will be incredibly bummed.

While the SF Chronicle pits Doug Keane against Michael Mina for a Thanksgiving shoot out, I was taken with a recipe not in this article. It was Tara Duggan's recipe for Mini Tostadas with Chile Butter Crab and Avocado Crema. I think I'd pass up turkey for a plate full of these any day.

The LA Times is not only brimming witha amazing recipes today but, at noon you can join an online chat with food guru Russ Parsons. His recipes are always fantastic, as is his food writing. I'm not sure which looks better in his food section today: Cream of Parsnip Soup with Crispy Fried Pancetta or the Pissaladiere with Spiced Ricotta and Poached Apricots.
Trust me, just go to the top of the food section today and read-it's a good one.

Blackberry Cobbler for dessert on Thanksgiving? Hello! That's my kind of meal. Today's Washington Post is also packed full of recipes but my eyes went straight to the blackberry cobbler. Made by a grandmother called "Meme" it just has to be good.

Happy Reading!

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