Friday, October 3, 2008

Pasta'd Out?

The question stands: "Can One Eat Too Much Pasta?". I was so ready to say yes just yesterday. I am writing a pasta cookbook and have been testing (and in turn eating) too many pasta recipes. Most of them have been delicious (baked pasta with sausage, peppers, cream and fontina!) and a few have been down right awful (anyone know a good way to stir fry Udon noodles without turning them into a gummy mess?).

Thing turned around this morning when I took out my husband's Christmas present and finally put it to use. He and my son make great home made pasta so, when Christmas rolled around last year I thought I'd make their lives just a bit easier by investing in Kitchen Aid's pasta roller/cutter attachment for our mixer. Well, the box was still sealed when I took it out today. I only opened it because I couldn't find the hand crank for my old school Atlas pasta machine (that's another story for another post). "Hmmm" I wondered, "is there any possible way this will be as good as hand cranked pasta?".

The answer...ABSOLUTELY! I was in heaven! It makes pasta rolling a single person job because the motor cranks the machine for you. That's all it does-it doesn't mix the dough or take the art out of the process. It keeps your hands free to roll long smooth sheets of beautiful egg filled pasta dough.

I cut it into tagliatelle and tossed it with chives, creme fraiche, lemon zest and poached lobster. How do you think that was? Right!

If you make pasta, save your dough (ha!) and invest in this attachment. It is a gadget you will use and love. I promise you'll never be Pasta'd Out!

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