Monday, October 20, 2008

Food for Thought

If you didn't read the Food Issue of the New York Times Magazine on 10/14, you can still find it here. In it, Michael Pollan writes an open letter to the next president about the disintegration of America's food systems-the end of 'cheap food' and the focus needed to keep America well and healthy with local, reasonably priced food.

I was doing my run for Food Runners today when I caught the tail end of Terry Gross interviewing Michael Pollan on Fresh Air about the article. I will go back to hear the whole thing but, had to post about the part I did catch.

Family dinner...what's happened? Going through the drive through isn't family dinner. I've written about it before but, felt validated when millions of listeners heard Michael Pollan echo the sentiments on the radio today. So much of what has happened to our children's health can be traced back to 'fake food'-boxed meals and fast food. In the interview, Pollan talked about the importance of knowing how to cook-learning the 'basics' in the kitchen so we can feed our families real food made at home. This is better food, no matter how you look at it.

I know we're busy. Work, school, activities, and social lives can get in the way of sitting down to eat. We all eat on the run once in a while but, there really is nothing better than sitting down to eat with friends or your family. Cooking for people is an amazing thing. It is satisfying, generous, healthful, and necessary.

When is the last time you did it?

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