Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pizzeria Delfina (Due!)

Let the countdown begin...the second Pizzeria Delfina will open on California and Fillmore Streets this Monday, September 22nd. Fillmore street is quickly becoming a food lover's mecca. Already the home of SPQR, the hood will soon have their own Pizzeria Delfina, Dosa, and 'Out the Door' from the Slanted Door.

I was lucky enough to try a test meal at the new Pizzeria and I'll tell you that you are in for a serious treat. Before I rave, I will confess that I am friends with Craig and Annie, the chef/owners of the restaurant. But, if it wasn't this good, I wouldn't rave-trust me.

The space is bigger than the 18th street location with three generous booths in the back plus lots of other seating. The open kitchen, in full view from front to back,was jumping with two giant pizza ovens (two ovens each) and chefs doing everything from hand stretching the mozzarella to scooping the house made gelato. Friendly servers, tons of bright light, and a soon-to-be finished San Francisco mural along the wall create the perfect space to enjoy the perfect food.

We tried two pizzas-a Margarita and a pie with house made sausage and panna (yep, that's a drizzle of cream!). The crusts were blistering and crunchy to the tooth with a tender interior. They held up perfectly to the sauces. I love the tomato sauce at the Pizzeria-a bright fresh tomato flavor that isn't muddled with oregano and other 'herbs and spices'. We also tried the meatballs-moist, light, big, and yummy. I love eating meatballs in just sauce with no pasta. Mozzarella in Carozza translates to Mozz in a carriage. It was skewered with chunks of rustic bread and fried, served on top of what I think was an anchovy vinaigrette. My only complaint here was that the plate with the vinaigrette disappeared so I couldn't continue to drag my cheese and bread in it :)

The home made gelato was just rich enough. It has a really nice mouth feel and comes in vanilla, chocolate, lemon, and espresso. You can get it in a dish, a cone, or scooped inside their slightly sweet home made brioche. When I went to Sicily I saw people eating this for breakfast, seriously. It's a good thing the Pizzeria doesn't open until lunch time or I might do the same. That is my kind of sandwich.

No reservations and I have little doubt the waits will start soon when Pizzeria Delfina opens their doors to the public. The good news is that they open at lunchtime and run continuously thorugh dinner so, there will always be time for a slice. Also, don't miss one of their Italian wines by the glass. If you haven't discovered the delicious wines of Italy, this is a great place to do it.

A little slice of the Mission with a side of Napoli right in Pacific Heights. Don't miss it!

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