Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's That Time of the Week Again

Here's what I'm reading today.

Imagine my total and complete shock when I look at the food section in the San Francisco Chronicle and see recipe for Boyos and Borekas? Ok, this may not mean much to you but, if you grew up in a family with a Sephardic grandmother, Boyos and Borekas are the best!! There is a fantastic article today with some Jewish holiday recipes you may not be familiar with. The Spanish, Greek and overall Meditteranean influences on this food make each and every dish fantastic, especially when a grandmother like mine is cooking them. She'd never have made boyos with puff pastry and hers always had spinach. The borekas actually resemble her recipe a lot-a warm oil based dough and a filling of mashed potatoes and Parm. These pastries are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

This is what I call a cheater's dinner, and I love it. Mark Bittman is the master of quick and easy meals and his recipe in the New York Times for Grilled Fish with Pimenton Aioli couldn't be easier. We should all be eating more fish and this aioli would be delicious on whatever local fish is in season.

Olive oil pancakes? Oh, those are pieces of chocolate in there? Yum! This is probably the most conventional of recipes from Spanish chef Jose Andres. The Los Angeles times profiles the empire of the chef, growing to LA with the opening of the Bazaar.

I love braising and stewing. It is certainly the least sexy of the master cooking techniques. It's not a quick saute or a smoky grill but, the melt-in-your-mouth texture of meat, beans, and vegetables that have been slowly cooked in aromatic liquid can not be beat. Have you seen my friend Tori's book about the subject? Well, in today's Seattle Times there is a great article on cooking in a Dutch Oven (ok-that's basically a huge stock pot). The recipe for Oven Baked Cannellini Beans looks so good. Serve it with a roasted pork loin and you've got a great meal.

Happy Cooking...

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