Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What I'm Reading Today

Well, time is winding down here in So Cal and the north is calling. I've still got the grill going so, in these last days of summer, here's what I'm reading (and hopefully cooking).

Rob, you can thank me for this one later. Maple Bacon Biscuits in the LA Times . One of my favorite combos-bacon and maple syrup. Put it in a biscuit and call the cardiac police. YUM!

A summer cocktail party is a perfect way to entertain and the SF Chronicle walks through all the steps to make it easy (in fact, this article reads like someone took my 'Art of the Cocktail Party' class. Hmmm....). I should be flattered, right? In any case, I love the idea of mini-Cuban sandwiches.

Things must be hot in New York because the NY Times has a list of tasty summer drinks to cool you off. Watermelon Cucumber Refresher sounds amazing!!

It's not everday you read the Seattle Times and find a recipe from the Tante Marie's Cooking School Cookbook. At first I thought someone ripped off something else from one of my classes but, I read the recipe credit for the Fillet of Salmon with Vegetables and Citrus Oil and felt better. I've made this recipe in class a lot-it's beautiful, light and very tasty (a little dated, but still good).

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