Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What I'm Reading Today

It's 80 degrees (again), spent the morning at the Hollywood Bowl and then lunch at the original Farmer's Market. Let's just say LA isn't so bad...

Here's what I'm reading today:

I've been making great banana bread for a long time (I'll post the recipe one of these days). Today's LA Times had a recipe for Banana Cake...let's face it, they're really the same thing, right? Well, this one gilds the lily with cream cheese frosting....yum!

Fresh Romano Beans are in season and I LOVE them. If you go to your farmer's market, look for the long, flat, wide green beans. These are not al dente beans-you want to cook them, a lot, and you'll really appreciate their delicousness. The New York Times has a simple and amazing looking recipe today. If you haven't braised Romano Beans before, now is the time to try.

The San Francisco Chronicle profiles the 20 visionary Bay Area chefs. Congrats to my friend Craig and the rest of the list. As for recipes, the fruit crisp (surprise surprise) caught my eye. Not that it is particularly innovative but, the crisp part of the recipe is a great pantry staple. Here's what you do: make the recipe times four and put it in a large zip-top bag. Keep it in your freezer and anytime you've got summer berries or fruits lying around, you can throw them in a baking dish, large or small, top them with a layer of the crisp mixture and pop it in the oven-instant dessert!!

Up at the Seattle Times, it is blueberry season. Glazed Blueberry Poundcake is a great way to use those lovely little gems.

Happy reading and happy cooking!

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Kerry said...

What a great suggestion! Just got back from a week on Whidbey and made 2 blackberry crisps with fresh picked berries (the 2nd time with berries Taylor helped pick!). Wish I'd have thought to make double the topping the first time. The topping we made also had toasted pecans in it which really added to the crisp - yum!

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