Sunday, August 24, 2008

Top Ten Things NOT to Love about L.A.

I had to do it. I loved a lot about L.A. this summer-way more than I expected. That said, I still had a few pet on.

10. Getting Ripped off: "Have you been to Capo?" "You have to go to Capo!" "It's expensive but, SO worth it." "It is my favorite restaurant in L.A." Seriously? Not. I could live for a year on the shrimp tostadas at La Playita for what we paid for a good, not out of the park, meal at Capo.

9. Universal Studios (or 'getting ripped off-again'): I'd never been but the husband had fond memories of being in the back lot when he was a kid. Not so much anymore. A lame studio tour and tons of 3-D virtual reality "rides". If you're 12 and into things like Revenge of the Mummy and Terminator Two, check the place out-you'll love it.

8. Smoking: I thought people stopped smoking cigarettes? Never liked it (much) and still don't. Apparently, it is still all the rage down here.

7. Cooking Classes: They SUCK down here! I went to two different schools and took the worst cooking class of my life. One school was ok but the other, I couldn't believe people paid money to put pesto on pasta and top it with tomatoes!! Only made me realize even more that Tante Marie's is not only a great place to work but the best place to take cooking classes, anywhere. PS...the new schedule of classes is out at TM-sign up now.

6. Traffic: 'Nuf said.

5. Fake Boobs: Do I hate them? No-some actually look damn good. It is just such a cliche L.A. thing and, trust me, they are everywhere.

4. Itsy-Bitsy-Teeny-Weeny-Bikinis: Where can a mom find a bathing suit around here??

3. Things Kids Say: So, little 'T' was at camp for a week. The kids were 6-12 and some of the things he came home with cracked me up: "One kid told me his parents were 20 years apart", "That kid is 7 and he has his own iphone", "He's 6 and he has TONS of rated R movies. I want to see Blade Runner now", "Did you know movies could be rated X and double X?", "See that billboard (for Knotts Berry Farm)-I go to camp with that kid". So very Los Angeles....

2. Doggie Bags: No, not the kind you use for dinner. I'm talking the kind you use to pick up after your dog. Could one of my dog-savvy friends from San Francisco please come to Venice and show the dog owners how to pick up after their pets?! I feel like I'm in Paris with all the poop around here.

1. Our Garage Door: The first week here I was shutting our giant sliding garage door that is on a track behind our house (manual). The thing came off the track and fell on me! I managed to skid back into the alley so the monster only landed on my ankle. But, the 'cement burn' on my back will long remind me why someone invented automatic garage door openers.


Steve S. said...

Hey Jod: Goat cheese ice cream with caramelized figs on top sounds amazing. We been looking for a non-electric ice cream maker for just such a thing, do you recommend certain ones?


Card Girl said...

great place to visit.. nice place to leave. but I must say, the beaches rock, the tan bodies are infectious, and the laid back style needs to be adopted in more metropolitan cities.

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